ShipInsure Package Protection

ShipInsure Package Protection

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Protect Your Packages with Confidence!

ShipInsure is a premium package protection provider for Rosy Rings. When you choose to add ShipInsure to your order during checkout, you gain the benefit of filing claims with ease in case of lost, stolen, or damaged shipments.

Should you encounter any unfortunate incidents, simply file a claim with ShipInsure. ShipInsure’s dedicated team will promptly review your claim and respond within 24 hours. If you have purchased ShipInsure Protection, you will receive a confirmation email from them with instructions on how to file a claim with them if needed.

Protect your packages with ShipInsure today and have the confidence that your orders are safeguarded.

Please Note: To ensure you are fully covered for any lost, stolen or damaged items during shipping, please add ShipInsure to your order. Rosy Rings is unable to refund or replace any order that experiences issues during transit. 

 File a claim here

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