Pumpkin Farmhouse Oval Botanical Sachets

Pumpkin Farmhouse Oval Botanical Sachets

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Fragrance Description: Bubbling brown sugar and cozy kitchen spices are deliciously layered with farm fresh pumpkin, sun baked squash and lush dark plums to capture the beauty, warmth and simple pleasures of farmhouse life.

Bring seasonal fragrances indoors with our hand poured sachets. Pretty enough to display, these botanical-infused sachets can be hung in closets or small areas to refresh your space and impart a delightful fragrance. Tied with a vegan suede cord and enclosed in a charmingly packaged box. Set of two.

Dimensions: 4"L x 2.5"W

Lifespan 3-6 months

Fragrance Notes: Black Currant, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Bark, Creamy Vanilla, Cumin Seed, Dark Plum, Fresh Pumpkin, Fresh Squash, Tonka Bean

To avoid direct contact with fabric, wrap a sachet in tissues or a kerchief before placing in a drawer or closet. Please do not ingest and keep away from children and pets.

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