Oak Moss + Myrrh Oval Botanical Sachets

Oak Moss + Myrrh Oval Botanical Sachets

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Fragrance Description: Earthy oak moss and resinous myrrh enveloped in a smoky-rich cloud of Japanese incense and cedarwood embers.

Bring seasonal fragrances indoors with our hand poured sachets. Pretty enough to display, these botanical-infused sachets can be hung in closets or small areas to refresh your space and impart a delightful fragrance. Tied with a vegan suede cord and enclosed in a charmingly packaged box. Set of two.

Dimensions: 4"L x 2.5"W

Lifespan 3-6 months

Botanicals: Birch Twigs, Larkspur Flowers, Moss, Oak Leaves, Rose Petals

To avoid direct contact with fabric, wrap a sachet in tissues or a kerchief before placing in a drawer or closet. Please do not ingest and keep away from children and pets.

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